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TM DEEP VISION has the IBM Tealeaf application suite as the foundation software, but has our own software modules that drive extended data capture and data transformation. This data manipulation is essential to providing an open and easy to use data schema for Microsoft Power BI (and other third-party BI tools). Critical to the success of the solution is tight coupling with our own event bus layer – TM CORE – which enables automatic schema updates into the DEEP VISION DATA CORE. This means the solution is robust to change and provides new data elements automatically into the open data schema.

Built inside the IBM Tealeaf product, and enabled for Microsoft Power BI, are various TM modules that provide detailed out of the box data capture and Tealeaf reports.

In all TM DEEP VISION shipments two modules are standard – TM STRUGGLE and TM SURVEILLANCE.

These two modules score the quality of every customer visit recorded, and then also provide technical and commercial tracking and live alerting. TM Struggle breaks down the web domain being monitored into functional units based on the process being tracked. These are called TM Struggle Units. Every website can have unique TM Struggle Units, defined by the start and end URL of the part of the website to be monitored. This flexibility allows e-Commerce teams to deduce the quality and performance of the customer experience in a very defined and granular way. Reporting is available for each TM Struggle Unit, and this allows analysis of conversion problems and process based drop offs.

TM Surveillance provides a plethora of reports and live alerting on trends and issues

The aim of this module is to track the commercial and technical processes that need constant monitoring. Processes can be part of our ready to run package, or custom reports that can be built quickly using the TM CORE Event Bus.

Quite simply, if your customer can see it, or perform an action when they use your web site then TM DEEP VISION can monitor, track and live report on what is happening. Any value displayed by your website can be captured in real time and be used for reports, or can trigger live alerts or even trigger other applications to take action (emails, chat sessions, marketing engines etc.).

TM DEEP VISION ‘flavours’:

Every web site is different, but despite this many industry sectors have very similar functions and requirements. TM DEEP VISION is therefore pre-packaged in industry configurations allowing a faster implementation, and ensuring that unique requirements are met more thoroughly.

Today we offer the following TM DEEP VISION flavours:

  • TM DEEP VISION for Retail
  • TM DEEP VISION for Travel
  • TM DEEP VISION for Airlines

Money is our focus

TM DEEP VISION has one ruthless theme – revenue and conversion. This is tracked in every process and uses real data from the visits of your customers. There is no guesswork, no estimations. Everything is taken straight from the customer interaction and is recorded in our big data profile on the customer. As such it is possible to determine which processes impact sales success, order values and revenue conversion. Every TM STRUGGLE UNIT is measured.

TM DEEP VISION takes money tracking even further in the TM MONEY TRACKING module. Here detailed revenue flows are measured and data is available to allow the calculation of the financial impact of any problem event or positive campaign for example.

Imagine, the power is now available to profile segments of users and determine their money value to your business. The data is based on real customer behaviour and goes beyond anything that can be seen in customer clinics or workshops. It is possible to measure every customer, every transaction and even model A vs B processes with deadly accuracy.

Stay secure

The aim of the TM UI ANALYSIS module is to provide external reporting tools with valuable UI data that can be blended with other relevant information to drive segments and detailed comparisons. Generally, most visualisation tools only provide a graphical analysis, and this means that useful rules and data points are missed because there is no way to easily trigger actions or make segment groups from a page based analysis. This module means that business analysts and data scientists can access the core data from the UI and use it easily.

TM DATA MINE is designed to enable data scientists and business analysts collect data from customer visits and prepare the data for use in third-party systems. This means the collection of a wide range of data points using complex rules and then ensuring that the data flows into the open data schema generated by the DEEP VISION DATA CORE. A special application of this module is to prepare data for AI applications. This emerging market needs clean and well structured data sources to enable AI algorithms to work well and TM has already provisioned for this capability in TM DEEP VISION.

With TM DEEP VISION there is no guessing. If your teams need to understand ‘why’ something has happened then there are infinite segmentation capabilities to provide datasets based on devices, OS, browser, pages viewed, basket values, time spent in fields/pages, buttons clicked, navigation choices. Thanks to the power of TM DEEP VISION it is not necessary to know ‘up-front’ what you need to track.

Further modules are available. TM SECURITY is deployed to track security threats to your web domain. These threats are based on hacking behaviour patterns and fraudulent transaction patterns. When enabled your security teams can get live alerts on attacks, monitor attack patterns and see from where in the world the attacks are coming from. In the Fraud mode, fraud indicators are built and scores are applied in real time to customer transactions. An automated alert rule is defined for scores that go beyond a threshold and this allows security staff to monitor and review suspicious transactions.

TM UI ANALYSIS is a data module that enables information to be recorded on how key elements of a web domain UI are used. This is in addition to the IBM Overstat visualisation module that provides in page graphical analysis of various interaction parameters and form field automated analysis.

So unlike traditional web analytics that require decisions on tags for data creation TM DEEP VISION does not need this. We capture everything, and can data mine this retrospectively. Data can be easily exported to tools such as excel, or more formally to other BI and data analysis toolkits. TM DEEP VISION is a gold mine of data acquisition, ready to be evaluated, interrogated and blended with other data sources.

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