TM Deep Vision

IBM Tealeaf can deliver considerable value to any web commerce business, but it needs some sophisticated understanding of how to drive the best value data, and how to build a working process to make optimal use of the technology.

At TM we have found that modern e-commerce departments have too many tasks to handle to really gain the maximum benefits from the solution, and in Europe many customers simply do not have dedicated ‘IBM Tealeaf users’. Instead these people are part-time at best, and often there are many different potential users spread in different functional areas – therefore, we have developed TM DEEP VISION.

Get an upgrade

TM Deep Vision is a suitable upgrade for existing IBM Tealeaf ‘on-prem’ (or rather the original version of Tealeaf). It is not suitable for any customer using IBM Tealeaf Cloud/SaaS solution.

If your business already has IBM Tealeaf on-prem licenses, we can use these to deliver an enhanced automated Tealeaf experience discovery solution.

Our approach can be used to revamp an old delivery of IBM Tealeaf, solve a failed delivery, bring a high level of automation to the IBM Tealeaf solution. Loading TM Deep Vision does not alter any existing reports in your system.

We require the following:

  • IBM Tealeaf CX, CX Impact, CX View, CX Connect software
  • The software should be under maintenance, or we can bring it back to support for you
  • It can be deployed in any environment – on-premise; third party data centre etc.
  • We need remote access with admin rights to the Tealeaf environment/servers – this can be via a secured access method

TM DEEP VISION is built for a variety of users

TM DEEP VISION is built for:

  • Developers of web sites
  • Operational management
  • IT departments
  • E-commerce staff
  • UX staff
  • CX staff
  • Security / fraud teams
  • Functional management teams
  • Senior management teams

With such a variety of users it is not possible or desirable to give all of these people access to IBM Tealeaf, the product is simply too complex for some of these user types.

Secondly each of these user communities has different information and functional requirements.

As such the need to access the very technical capabilities of the IBM Tealeaf product is not necessary.

TM Deep Vision uses a unique data schema built alongside the original Tealeaf database to enable Microsoft Power BI to use TM Deep Vision events and dimensions in more dynamic and flexible reporting.

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Free consultation

If you would like us to assess how we could upgrade your existing IBM Tealeaf on-premise solution to TM Deep Vision, then please contact us to organise a free consultation. One of our experts will need remote access to your system to perform a base-level assessment of your existing configuration (your business will have full control over this access, and often we do this using a simple WebEx session).

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Charlotte Brix Borg

Chief Marketing Officer
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