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Get real online evidence

The use of TM DEEP VISION enables website owners to close holes in their conversion. Our evidence-based approach drives major revenue increases and the typical ROI on TM DEEP VISION is less than 3 months (based on the cost of a 3-year service contract). Our ‘Quick Win’ methodology will initially focus on:

  • Conversion failures generated by poor web site design
  • Technical issues that prevent conversion success
  • Payment engine hand-off problems
  • Process forms and acquisition issues
  • Customer flow through the webshop, and the drop off points

TM DEEP VISION – designed to deliver results rapidly


has been designed to overcome the challenges of deploying sophisticated online customer experience solutions quickly. Offering a tried and tested platform based on the original IBM Tealeaf product, TM DEEP VISION powered by IBM Tealeaf offers a SaaS-based solution hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. Using a newly developed UI SDK, your deployment effort is reduced to just having to deploy a UI script in a tag manager (for test and quick deploy) or properly deployed to the website for full production. We can provide the infrastructure, or you can use your own.

Bring your own licenses

If you already have IBM Tealeaf software, or an existing Enterprise License Agreement with IBM, then we can use your licenses to deliver TM DEEP VISION. The only condition is that your licenses are the current version of IBM Tealeaf and have an ongoing support contract with either IBM or ourselves.

Data in your legal area

Our servers are set up in Europe, and we can provide servers in the US or Asia if needed. We can offer a multi-server deployment architecture so that you can store your customer data in the relevant physical locations to avoid issues with local legislation. We can capture, store and report separately in a multi-tiered environment, but give you a single view over all of the data.

Ready to run application suite

TM DEEP VISION is not an empty box. Unlike other SaaS offerings, ours has a full application suite that once calibrated to your websites is ready to run and deliver value in just a few days.

Access anywhere

Using our TM POWER BI Dashboards running on Office 365 you can access your key reports on your tablet, or even smartphone. Furthermore, we can create alerting based on thresholds you nominate so that you can be alerted to issues when you are away from the office or your desk.

Blend other data sources

TM DEEP VISION is designed to take data outside of IBM Tealeaf. Our open formats and secondary data sets are designed to allow your business to blend TM DEEP VISION data with other sources for a better omni-channel view of your customers. So we can work with sources from social media, store data collection or any other data set available to you.

Trigger third-party systems

TM DEEP VISION operates in real time. Our advanced event layer can provide real time triggers to other marketing/content systems. This enables:

  • Context based chat events
  • Promotional marketing events
  • Product offers based on the browsing history

In fact, if you can define a trigger event verbally, we can generally build it in our logic layer.

Experts on demand

A special capability of our TM DEEP VISION solution is the ability of your business to pre-purchase specialist consulting advice to be called off on demand. If something happens that needs expert investigation or analysis, then we can augment your team with one of our experts.

System health checks

Whilst automated monitoring has some usefulness, in our experience a real person checking your system is a more reliable process. So we mix automation with a personal check each working day. Just a few minutes of careful checking of your data capture devices, data pipeline and storage can avoid outages and unexpected failures. Our own reporting module calls us if there is an emerging problem, and our house keeping approach ensures your system performs optimally. We can make these service checks with no impact to daily running.

Upgrades under your control

We do not have to run a combined maintenance programme for all of our users as most SaaS solutions do. Instead, we run your system as a private solution. We can respond to your requests for change on an individual basis.

Dashboard screen shot

TM DEEP VISION – a sophisticated solution focusing on real data

Most session replay technologies focus on driving the user to a ‘video like’ replay of what a customer has done when visiting a web domain. TM DEEP VISION is built with a different strategy and approach.

At TM we believe the data that can be acquired from a customer visit is more important than the ability to watch a replay.

Whilst our solution provides sophisticated replay capabilities, to us the most important aspect is to accurately acquire and segment data from each visit. Using this data we can then identify segments of users who act in certain ways or experience issues when using the monitored web domain.

For us getting the data into open and easily accessed business systems is of high priority. Here we can blend our data with third-party sources that helps enrich information making it more useful for decision making.

In order to deliver this capability TM has significantly re-engineered the way IBM Tealeaf captures data, and has built new open database schemas that provide real time data and also archived capabilities. All of this is based on a Microsoft SQL environment.

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Charlotte Brix Borg

Chief Marketing Officer
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