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The challenge for modern e-commerce shops is to understand the behaviour of customers during their visit to the website. TM Deep Vision powered by IBM Tealeaf provides a sophisticated data mining engine to give visibility into the behaviour and issues experienced by these visitors, and then allows data presentation in a Microsoft environment, or other third-party business information platform. IBM Tealeaf provides a powerful capture tool that allows a business to accurately record the visit of the customer to the webshop without the use of tagging.

TM collaborates with companies with retail, travel, telco, finance and B2B regarding optimising the online customer experience.

Typically ROI on TM DEEP VISION is less than 3 months (based on the cost of a 3 year Service Contract).

Major business issues revealed automatically:

  • Conversion problems
  • Site navigation issues
  • Payment failures
  • Effectiveness of product content
  • Technical faults
  • Device based behaviour
  • Search effectiveness


With TM DEEP VISION there is no guessing!

If your teams need to understand ‘why’ something has happened then there are infinite segmentation capabilities to provide datasets based on devices, OS, browser, pages viewed, basket values, time spent in fields/pages, buttons clicked, navigation choices.

Thanks to the power of TM DEEP VISION it is not necessary to know ‘up-front’ what you need to track.


Unlike traditional web analytics that require decisions on tags for data creation TM DEEP VISION does not need this.

We capture everything, and can data mine this retrospectively. Data can easily be exported to tools such as excel, or more formally to other BI and data analysis toolkits.

TM DEEP VISION is a gold mine of data acquisition, ready to be evaluated, interrogated and blended with other data sources.

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