• Today everyone is hunting the perfect experience

Create the perfect shopping experience

Both B2B and B2C consumers demand a more and more seamless shopping experience that is personalised and engaging. In order to deliver that companies have to run a successful e-commerce business based on the right strategy, resources and technical solutions.

To build the perfect shopping experience IBM Watson Commerce solution delivered by TM can help you:

  • Collect, analyse and use data to understand what customers are doing online and why
  • Predict the customers’ needs and next steps based on data
  • Engage with customers in real time and thereby give them a personalised experience
  • Build a synchronised and predictive value chain
  • Quickly enter and adapt to market demands

In TM we believe that if you ‘build the perfect experience’ for your customers, you will be one step ahead of your competitors. It is the experience that wins the customers, drives loyalty, repeats purchases, builds brand advocates and grows revenue. Therefore, we have chosen to work with an e-commerce platform that makes all of this possible – IBM Watson Commerce.

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Charlotte Brix Borg

Chief Marketing Officer
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