TM joins Solteq

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It is with excitement that we are announcing that TM has been joining Solteq 1/12-2017.

The acquisition makes it possible for TM to get more resources within e-business and deliver value to our customers across countries. TM will be working as a separate business unit, just under the brand of Solteq.

“We have sought growth in the Nordic countries and possibly Europe for a long time. We believe that this can be best achieved together with Solteq as a bigger company. This new arrangement will make it possible for us to better serve our customers’ demand with a wider selection of services,” says Kim Theilgaard, CEO at TM.

TM has been collaborating with Solteq for several years, and learned that the two companies share practices, values and both strive to bring value to customers in the digital transformation. As TM, Solteq has similar skills within e-commerce, analytics and marketing, also Solteq has 500 employees in Finland, Sweden and Poland. Together TM and Solteq can cover all the Nordic countries, and have more resources and offerings in order to deliver expertise into the entire digital customer journey for our customers.

The acquisition is conditioned by the final approval of the transaction in January 2018.

If you have any questions related to the acquisition please do not hesitate to contact us.