Norli has a new improved webshop

“TM has served as a professional advisor, both technically and commercially, when we were to implement the new solution.”

Leader of E-commerce at Norli, Caroline Haraldsen Heitman


Norli is the largest retailer of books in Norway with approximately 100 bookshops offering a wide variety of books and has long and proud academic traditions combined with focus on providing the best service for customers.

Norli Website:


When Norli launched their new webshop in 2013 they wanted to strengthen their position in the Norwegian market. In order to do so, it was essential to create the same experience of service for their customers throughout all of their sales channels.

Furthermore, Norli wanted to focus on the personal dialogue with their customers and customization of offers to different customer segments.


The IBM Commerce webshop provided by TM is capable of handling large amounts of data and allows addressing different customer segments.

The solution is based on a multi-channel strategy, which means that customers have the opportunity to check if a specific book is in stock, place the order on any online device, and afterwards pick it up in a physical store.

In 2016, Norli upgraded their webshop with a ‘wallet share’ that makes it possible for customers to safely save their credit card information for future purchases.


Norli delivers a simple and convenient buying experience while providing their customers with the same service online at as well as in physical stores. Results show that this has increased the revenue and the overall customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the webshop has created more efficiency in the process of making campaigns since online offers can now be personalized based on what the customers are searching for and their previous purchases.

After the Launch of the New Webshop:

  • Improved functionality allowing for customized campaigns
  • Increased level of service and customer satisfaction
  • Better internal processes