Elkjøp has increased the online customer experience

  • Elkjøp has increased the online customer experience


Elkjøp have a vision to be the Earth’s most customer centric retailer. In order to be that Elkjøp needed to give their customers the best experience where either they purchased online or in physical stores. To be able to give their customers the best experience Elkøp needed a deeper knowledge about the customer’s online behavior and where the customers were struggling when searching and buying online. Also, Elkjøp wanted to increase sales and reduce the time spent on correcting technical errors in the web shop: www.elkjop.no


With TM Deep Vision powered by IBM Tealeaf, Elkjøp have access to real time data on every customer experience and how the customers are behaving on the web shop. By recording online sessions that customers have gone through, Elkjøp is able to see exactly why customers are struggling, the percentage of customers effected and how this impacts the business revenue. On a daily basis Elkjøp gets reports from TM Deep Vision that help prioritize which errors to solve first, based on how they affect the customer experience and the conversion rate. E.g. TM Deep Vision scores each customer struggle and relates it to how much money that are being lost.

Elkjøp use 2 key modules of TM Deep Vision – TM Struggle and TM Surveillance. TM Struggle focuses on customers who experience an obstacle when they visit the web shop. Visits are scored for quality, and the web shop is split into functional areas to assess the impact of the obstacles on revenues and conversion. TM Surveillance measures all customers and identifies technical issues and commercial KPI that are essential to running an efficient web shop. With a real time alerting capability and live reports the relevant teams can react rapidly to emerging issues. TM provides a service to assist customers with interpretation of the results and skills transfer to the customer.


Based on real time data Elkjøp has identified business cases related to the online customer experience that can increase the revenue by 10-15% per annum. E.g. Elkjøp found out that 90% of obstacles that the customers experienced were occurring in the check-out process. This had a financial impact on Elkjøp in terms of reduction in revenue since the obstacles made it difficult for the customers to complete their purchases.

Thanks to TM Deep Vision, Elkjøp can now put a money case against each issue identified in the web shop. This gives the business the ability to prioritize development actions related to optimizing the web shop. Furthermore, Elkjøp can now establish new more sophisticated KPI’s for how the web shop is performing. The TM Deep Vision unit data also gives focused data on specific parts of the customer journey in the web shop. This drives deeper knowledge of customer interaction and experience.

The collaboration between the analytic department and the development department in Elkjøp has been more efficient because they now have a common data model – now Elkjøp can make better quality data driven decisions that benefit the whole business