Leading pharmacy in Norway – Apotek 1

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“As the pharmacy market in Norway continues to evolve, this solution gives us the flexibility and maintain our position at the forefront of pharmaceutical retail.”

Apotek 1


Apotek 1 is the leading pharmacy in Norway with a market share of 47%

Handles medical drugs with and without prescription as well as health- and wellness products

More than 340 pharmacies and 3000 employees

Apotek 1 Website: www.apotek1.no


As a leading pharmacy chain in Norway selling medicine and healthcare products to private and professional consumers, Apotek 1 needed a webshop that could handle both B2C and B2B sale. Therefore, in 2011 Apotek 1 invested in an IBM Commerce webshop to ensure that their customers got the best online shopping experience. Initially Apotek 1 was only selling nonprescriptive medicine and health products online to B2C consumers. However as the market for online medicine was growing, Apotek 1 also needed a B2B platform that served the same convenient concept as their B2C platform.

Norwegian doctors are writing 50 million prescriptions per year, leading to an increase in the demand for online medicine. In October 2016 the Norwegian regulations were changed, which allowed pharmacies to sell prescriptions drugs online to consumers. In relation to that Apotek 1 needed to adapt to the innovative medicine market, meaning that they had to provide a platform for their customers where they can order and renew prescriptive medicine online.

In the process from only selling in psychical stores to including online sales, it was essential for Apotek 1 to transfer their brand creditability and customer service to the online pharmacy. Moreover, Apotek 1 wanted to provide their customers with insight into their orders and delivery agreements, and at the same time show products that are relevant for the customers in real-time.


As the supply and demand in the medicine field was growing, Apotek 1 managed with the IBM Commerce solution to expand from B2C to B2B online sales. In this process Theilgaard Mortensen was the strategic advisor and developed both the B2C and the B2B webshop.

Apotek 1’s e-commerce solution www.apotek1.no was developed based on a strategy that integrates sales and marketing, while maintaining the focus on the customer. Both the B2C and B2B webshop products are displayed and are adapted to the online individual customer’s behavior in order to enhance the user experience and increase online sales. Moreover, Apotek 1 provides online advice for all areas of health and wellness with articles about the causes, symptoms and treatments. The webshop can handle many customers, large transactions and can easily be developed to adapt to new demands and markets.


  • Today Apotek 1 has 47% of the market share in Norway and are at the moment one of three players in targeting prescription customers online
  • Apotek 1 can handle both online B2C and B2B sales – and give all their customers a comfortable, fast and secure online purchase process
  • With a IBM Commerce solution Apotek 1 can easily adapt to new market changes and demands
  • Apotek 1 have increased sales and optimized customer satisfaction after offering online sales