Computerworld Summit 11/04/2018


“Increase sales and optimize the customer experience – digitize your business”

At Computerworld Summit 2018, Solteq will have a session on how to increase sales and optimize customer experience. Through examples of Nordic companies, Solteq will inspire you on how to accelerate the digitization process by the use of data analysis and automation. We touch upon methods to increase the online revenue, margin and interaction between the organization and e-commerce. We will also through examples explain how nordic companies has gained value from IBM Watson Commerce and IBM Tealeaf in the context of strengthening E-commerce and the online customer experience.  

/Kim Theilgaard, Solteq – Kl. 13.50-14.15

XL-BYG: “How data and improvements of the infrastructure has lead us to the future of E-commerce”

In this session, the CIO of XL-BYG, Steen Villsen, will elaborate on how they have built a B2B E-commerce platform from scratch and why a strong infrastructure has been the foundation of a solid database in relation to both the current B2B platform and the future B2C webshop. With the use of concrete examples, Steen will further explain which milestones and challenges there has been in the process, as well as how optimizing time usage and a close collaboration with the supplier has been critical for success.              

/Steen K. Villsen, CIO, XL-BYG – Kl. 14.20-14.45

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